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VREMI Home & Kitchen

Unique and functional home and kitchenwares Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus posuere et ipsum eget congue. Quisque sit amet iaculis orci.


Strawberry Cream Hand Blender

Nix the mess

Vremi wants to bring the fun back to cooking; and kitchen clean up is nobody's idea of fun. With the Strawberry Cream immersion hand blender, forego the frustration of cleaning oversized mixing bowls, a multitude of utensils, and various appliances. The all-in-one multitasking tool is a whisk, blender, and beater; all you need to do is pop the blades in the dishwasher. Your included blender bottle makes smoothies a breeze, as well.



Hands of Steel Hand Blender

Master Multitasking

You’ve upgraded your phone, your car, your laptop; it’s time to bring your kitchen appliances up to date. Gone are the days of bulky mixers, manual vegetable slicers, and heavy blenders. The Hands of Steel emulsion blender stick is all those in one, plus sleeker, chicer, and more effective. Create an entire spaghetti dinner by measuring sauce ingredients directly into your beaker, blending, then swapping to the chopper attachment to grind some fresh parmesan. Bon appetit!



Peacock Precision Cutlery

Chop like a pro 

A sharp, well designed knife is vital to quick, easy meal prep. The Vremi Chef’s Knife set comes with 5 specialized, ergonomically designed knives featuring ultra-precise brushed stainless steel blades. Each knife is designated for a specific cooking task and is crafted to complete its job with optimum accuracy and ease. Not all knives are created equal.

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Axon Essentials Utensil set

Stock up on essentials

The Vremi Axon Essentials Utensils Set contains every tool the home chef needs to tackle any culinary expedition. The kit includes one slotted spoon, slotted turner, spaghetti server, ladle, solid spoon, and potato masher. The trend-forward, matte colors and geometric designs add a chic stylized touch to every countertop. Complete with a convenient storage stand, the Vremi Kitchen Essentials Utensils are destined to be your most eye-catching kitchen accessory.

The Essentials set is designed for durable use as well as aesthetics. The tools are heat resistant up to 210 degrees C and 410 degrees F, and ideal for use with nonstick cookware. The included stand makes for ease of use when preparing meals, and they are entirely dishwasher safe. Our Essentials Utensils set is guaranteed nontoxic and free of harmful chemicals, so you can have peace of mind.

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Sherbert Cookware Set

Cook with quality, depend on durability

Crafted from heavy-duty, multi-layer die cast aluminum, the Vremi cookware set is a necessity for every home chef. The superior quality design provides optimal heat conductivity and ensures even dispersion and retention for meals that are easily cooked to perfection. Steam holes in the revolving lids prevent liquids from boiling over, while the nontoxic Ceramica nonstick coating inhibits caking and crusting for less stress and mess in the kitchen.   

Die cast aluminum is the sturdy, long-lasting and damage-proof cookware choice. Able to withstand avast range of temperatures and 100% scratch-proof both inside and out, Vremi cookware will endure years of use and wear but always look like new.  

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So Fresh & so Slow Juicer

Slow press Juice, Quick Nutrition

Nourish your body, naturally. Fresh juices retain substantially more nutrients and vitamins than store bought varieties, which lose much of their health benefits due to additives, processing, and pasteurization. The Vremi is a Slow Juicer, producing the highest-density nutritional value and vibrant flavor by minimizing waste and providing 30-40% more juice than alternative machines. Reduce your energy and food waste. The Vremi two-stage extraction process ensures the most juice by precisely slow-squeezing the fruits or greens without shredding or grinding, while preserving the maximum amount of energy.

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Happy lumberjack Apple Peeler

Get Adventurous with your fiber

There is a world of possibility beyond apple pie waiting to be discovered. The Vremi peeler makes it easier to experiment with fruit focussed recipes. Try simmering peeled apples with sugar, salt and cinnamon, then blending your own applesauce! Sautéed and served over pork chops, apples can also be the shining star of your dinner party. 

There is no kitchen task more tedious, painstaking, or untidy as hand peeling apples. The Vremi Apple Peeler makes it easy, eliminating the sticky mess and saving tons of time. Following the simple instructions provided in the included manual, push the apple onto the 3-pronged fork, adjust the pairing knife to control the amount of peel desired, and slowly turn the crank. The results are perfectly prepped apples in no time at all!

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Vremi Salad Spinner



With the Vremi salad spinner, meals become nutritious, creative, and, most importantly, totally delicious. From simple green salads to hearty chopped varieties and even the picnic staple, pasta salad, the salad spinner can make it happen. Throw some herbs and berries in the salad spinner along with spinach for an instant summer refresher. Drain cans of corn and beans in the the spinner to layer with guacamole and romaine for a taco salad.


Forego the hassle of chopping, slicing, and dicing all your vegetables separately. With the Vremi salad spinner, multi-ingredient dishes are a breeze. After spinning lettuce (or pasta, herbs, berries, beans, you name it!) swap the spinning lid with the grating lid and choose between 5 different blades to grate cheese, slice apples, or shred carrots directly into the bowl. With the included citrus juicer, you can even add freshly squeezed lemon.






Crafted from ultra-durable die-cast aluminum with high-quality stainless steel blades, the Vremi VR700 Food Processor is a dependable, long-lasting addition to any home chef's tool kit. 2 Speed control, a vast array of blade options, and a 800W motor puts the VR700 in a class of it's own.

The Vremi team knows meal prep can be a hassle. Chopping an assortment of ingredients, switching between bowls; the process can waste time and quickly clutter your counter. The VR700 takes the struggle out of dinnertime.        Equipped with both a 1.6L pitcher and a 3.5L blender bowl, as well as 5 stainless steel blades for precise fine slicing, coarse slicing, french fry cutting, fine shredding, coarse shredding, and a plastic dough kneader, one-bowl prep has never been easier.





Faster than a speeding locomotive, the Vremi Super Power Blender can whip up fruity frozen delights or pulverize greens into gazpachos in record time. Equipped with an oversized 2L pitcher and a measuring cup, there's no challenge the Super Power Blender can't tackle. You can count on the powerful 1400W motor and 4 professional-quality stainless steel blades to rescue any dinner in distress.





From the modern homesteader to the casual hobbyist, the Vremi Horticulture Helper Garden Tools will fully prepare you for any kind of harvest. Reconnect
with nature with top quality, rust-proof, cast aluminum tools that are ergonomically designed and lightweight, ensuring an experience that
is pleasant, peaceful, and productive.