You can’t cut a rug or anything else for that matter without the essential kitchen knives set!

This is your starting part to culinary conquests and Vremi has for sale essential, professional, multi-colored knives set at a very slice price.

While we all know that the original kitchen hack is using your knives to cut things but the great thing about this multi-colored set is that it comes with five separate knives each with their own sharp specialty uses. It’s a lot like a superhero group, but with knives.

We’ll break down each knife, its features, and its ideal use to ensure that your knife skills are a cut above the rest:

The Chef’s Knife

The Serrated Knife


The Carving Knife

Precise, thorough, and methodical, the carving knife was crafted with its length and thinner spine to accurately

Whether it’s a holiday meal or making leftover sandwiches from those meals, the carving knife will be the star of the show.

The Pairing Knife



Fancy, sophisticated, and one of the most utilized knives out there, the paring knife is perfect for chopping and peeling smaller fruits and vegetables as well as slicing small meats and cheese for your charcuterie board.


The Utility Knife

A jack of all trades and your #2 in your kitchen drawer. If the job is too big for a paring knife but too small for your chef’s knife look no further than this slicing, dicing, and chopping tool.


Now that we’ve broken down each slice contributor, here are a few tips from Vremi NYC HQ on how to keep this squad sharp for the long haul.

1. Don't leave your knives in the kitchen sink.

Not only is this a cutting hazard, but leaving your knives in the sink leaves them at risk to be scratched or bent.

 2. Always wash your knives by hand

Keep it old school and give your knives a rinse with warm soap and water. This will prevent them from possibly being dinged up in the dishwasher.

3. Don’t leave your knives to dry in the dish rack.

Sharing the drying space with our utensils could leave possibly dull the sharpness of your knives. Make sure to dry your knife immediately after washing, to prevent any mold or mildew from forming, and simply put it away.

4. Always cut on cutting boards.

Your kitchen counter is most likely too hard for your blade, it’s also best to play it safe with some great cutting board. We, in fact, know a great company that just so happens to sell some.

We’ve only sliced the surface on getting to know your knives, stay tuned for future installments in our blog but for now, have a knife day!