With Mother’s Day around the corner, we’re all wondering the same thing—what do we give the lovely ladies who manage our laundry doing, meal making, snack prepping, law laying, and general shenanigan behavior that occurs day in and day out? *deep breath* Yes, these gals do a lot and deserve a day dedicated to their awesome hugs and spritely spirits. So, how do we repay them? Start by thanking them for all that they do, then hand them a Vremi product and say, "Happy Mother's Day to you!"

Basically, what we mean is, we're going to do the work for you in finding the perfect present—after all, a happy mom/wife is a happy bomb a*s life. Bring on the bright kitchenware and get the vibrancy going, because we've got a list of products you'll be buyin' mom this May. Continue reading, review, contemplate, enter the product into your cart, and then—just check out! The Mother’s Day gift battle will be over before you know it.

1.  Keep It Glassy Food Storage Set

How often do moms use the term, “tupperware?” Ugh, a lot. News flash! Mom’s love saving leftovers (because the food was THAT delicious), so help them out, keep it glassy, and gift them a great set. Moms, you deserve this. Click HERE!

2.  The Sock Monster Laundry Basket 

Mom + laundry = SUCCESS. They hate to love it, but they love to do it! When a son arrives home with sweaty socks and sweatpants, the laundry hits the floor and poof—a mother’s face lights up. A bittersweet relationship that’s instantly glorified with the gift of a new laundry basket. Click HERE!

3. Tipsy Tools Bartending Kit 

Every momma’s gotta get her booze on! There’s no going wrong with the Tipsy Tools Bartending Kit to get mom in the Mother’s Day groove. Better yet, give mom the gift, head to the kitchen, and whip her up a yummy cocktail for a double trouble, perfect “Happy Mother’s Day” present. Click HERE!

4.  Ice Cube and Dr. Tray Set 

Here to keep mom’s water extra icy and her cocktails at their coldest. This ice tray set makes massive ice cubes for a trendy, cool drink any day of the week. Go bigger and better with a monster cube in whatever beverage mom chooses to use! Click HERE!

5.  Wine O'Clock Kit 

Moms like wine. Make her Mother’s Day happy and buy her this. Capiche? Click HERE!