We’re smack-dab in the middle of Passover, when the best leftovers have all but disappeared. Don’t worry, here at Vremi, we pride ourselves on doing the most and doing it well. Even if all you have left is Matzah, we’re here to prove that the bread of affliction doesn’t have to be a downer.

1. Matzah Crack

Passover is one of the oldest continuously celebrated holidays in the world—but some of its traditions are slightly newer. Matzah Crack—a flakey, buttery, cracking dessert treat—is as simple as it is addictive. First, make some toffee by heating and mixing a cup of butter, a cup of sugar, and half a teaspoon of salt. Depending on your batch size, you might want to make less--or more.

Next, layout as much matzah as can fit flat on a single pan--usually about four sheets. Cover the matzah with the toffee, spread it into an even layer, and bake it until bubbling. Add chocolate to melt, and cover it in whatever you’d like—nuts, marshmallows, or even more chocolate.

The hardest part is the wait—you’ll want to refrigerate your Matzah Crack for at least forty-five minutes before it hardens to serve. It’s worth it; after the first bite, people will be searching for more like it’s the Afikoman. 


2.  Matzah Pizza

Let my people carb!

While you might be missing muffins, bagels, and everything else, there’s still a way to have great pizza on Passover? You just have to get a little creative. Toasted matzah pizza is a tradition for thousands of Jewish children across the world—feel free to step yours up with some premium ingredients, and maybe pair it with wine to elevate a childhood classic.

Like it? Of course you do. And, if you’re looking to try upgrade this recipe with dough, a Vremi Private Pizza Stone might be the way to go. Leavened or not, pizza is a winner.

3.  Matzah Avocado Toast

What’s hipper than being hip? Being hip in a way people probably haven’t even heard of yet. While Matzah isn’t gluten-free, it does serve as a fun substitute for bread. And, as a cracker-like sheet, you don’t even need to toast it!

Simply scoop out your avocado, spread it on on some matzah—garnish with anything besides bread for a kosher breakfast hit. What will you add? Eggs? Lox? Even more matzah?

It’s all up to you. The world is your kosher-certified oyster.

4.  Matzah Brei

Miss cooking? Want something that heralds back to the bygone days of pancakes? Matzah Brei has you covered.

Simply soak matzah in water—yes, really—and wait thirty seconds. Then, drain the water and mix the soft matzah in with eggs you’ve beaten and seasoned to your liking. Mix it all together in a pan, cook it up, and you’ll have flakey, savory-salty-and-sweet cakes, ready for salt, ketchup, maple syrup, or jam. Savory or sweet, Matzah Brei can’t be beat—let it take you to the promised land.