It's the inquiry of the Spring and Summer season—is tequila really the new Kombucha? Are these wise words a question or a statement and is it worth discussing? The answer is, yes, it most certainly is. Let’s get down to business and explore some sipping logistics because we’re about to dive into the tastes, culture, health benefits, refreshment factor, and gag reflex levels of each liquid drank. WARNING: your thoughts may vary with the Vremi insight to follow. We’ll be “tequila-ing” you softly before you even know it. 

1.  Taste

How do we begin to describe the taste of the renown Kombucha drink? Fermented and funky, and has fanatics flocking. But with fans, there always comes haters—it’s an acquired taste and we get that. But so is tequila, except you can acquire it in a shot glass with its close friends, lime and salt. The three amigos that’ll always be there for you, with no judgments or questions to follow.

2.  The Community 

Kombucha has a vast fan base with both the experienced fermentation drinkers and the novice newbies. All of which, however, seem enthused to educate others about its mysterious floating powders and colorful appeal. And same with tequila! We all know a margarita is that drink no friend will ever turn down. Never heard it ’cause it never happens.

3. Health Benefits

Kombucha’s meant to make you feel better both inside and out. It’s rich in probiotics to aid digestion, improve one’s liver and better the mental state. We’ll give Komboucha that—it makes you feel good. But HEY, so does tequila. It’s led to many cleanses, whether it’s pre-drinking or post, tequila has good intentions. It’s certainly known, however, to “to-kill-ya.” Keep in mind, tequila is a digestive aid, prebiotic (a plant fiber that nourishes the good bacteria in the colon), promotes weight loss (agavins, a sugar in tequila, that helps increase weight loss), and cuts the risk of dementia, osteoporosis, and a whole lot more. Tequila wins, I salute you, Mr. José Cuervo.

4.  Refreshment Factor

Kombucha is more popular in the summer; so is tequila! Kombucha is good, but does it cool you off like a freshly made Pamola? I think not. Both are delicious during the summer heat, but when you bring tequila to a barbeque, nobody makes a weird face. And remember, the way you drink tequila matters! WARNING: José Cuervo is 42% corn syrup—it may make a sweeter cocktail, but you’ll meet your hangover in the morning.  

5. Both Made Me Throw Up Last Week

There have been the travesties of both Kombucha and tequila; from those who can’t take the taste to those who simply “overindulge.” Indeed, mishaps have occurred for each. But let me tell you, only one of these libations will make you a dancing champion and turn your night into a fiesta. Here’s our tip: drink blanco or silver tequila with less sugar—they’re clean tequilas and you’ll be hangover-free. Choose to drink José Cuervo? Still do it, but just remember, we warned you.

So, tequila over Kombucha? You be the judge.