What’s the the fastest and easiest way to get holidazed this winter season? We love the sound of Christmas jingles but “Jingle Juice” sounds a whole lot more interesting. Bring on the booze and light up that tree because this holiday is going to be full of glowing and grinning jovial glee. It’s the most wonderful time of year to drink up, stay warm, and get crazy with your cocktails. Allow the Vremi, “Tipsy Tools Bartending Kit” and the “Straight Chillin’ Ice Cube Tray” to expand your bartending skills and creativity. Plus, we’ve got that Jingle Juice recipe for you and loads more to supplement your holidazin’ and confusin.’ Going sledding? Bring your extra cup of fun along with you! Just take your boozy creation to-go using the “Two Tempt-ing Insulated Water Bottle” for cold cocktails, or the “Insulation Station” for hotty toddies. After all, you’ve got to hydrate to stay happy around this time of year — it’s merely part of “surviving” the holiday season (please sip ‘n sled responsibly)!

Find the recipes HERE or on our Holiday Boozy Brain Pinterest board and get the inside scoop to make your winter season just a little more jolly.

1. White Christmas Mojito

2. Cranberry Mule

3. Winter Sangria

4. Slow Cooker Spiced Wine

5. Coffee Cocktail 

6. Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer

7. Cranberry Margaritas

8. Apple Pie on the Rocks

9. Raspberry Russian Cocktail