Holiday Hack Shack

3 Holiday Hacks To Get The Food Snowball Rolling

It’s time to make the most of your holiday meals because this is definitely the most jolly time of the year to eat! Here’s 3 holiday hacks to you can use right now. And don't forget to check out the discount code for a Vremi Bake-A-Licious 3 Sheet Set at the bottom!

1. Pizza Snow Man

This snow man actually gets better with heat. Here’s a way to make 2-3 pizzas with one oven - the Snow Man Pizza!

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2. Ooh La La French Toast

Easily make a large batch of French toast overnight to have ready for breakfast in the morning!

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3. Gingerman Jello Shots

Use gingerbread frosting flavoring to make gingerbread man Jell-O shots. Trust us, it’s totally worth a shot.

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