Has the post-holiday slump got you down and dreary? Maybe eat a little too much kringle this jolly old Christmas? Or perhaps that third round of brisket at Grandma’s Hanukkah party wasn’t as they say, a “necessity?” You’re pushing the last loop on your belt but have no fear, the Vremi solution team is here! All you need are some feel-good answers to get you back up on your feet and feeling better than ever. Try these health and wellness remedies to help heal your post-holiday blues and soon enough, you’ll be your best self in 2018!

1.  A Daily Handful of Raw Walnuts

Raw walnuts provide high levels of magnesium! Increased levels of magnesium means more happiness for the body.

2.  Indulge in Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate betters your mood in seconds with high antioxidants and amazing taste.

3.  Drink a Cup of Coffee

Coffee amplifies mental alertness and the desire to focus.

4.  Eat Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

Foods that were very recently alive are much better for the mind, body and soul than any processed sugar.

5. Get up and MOVE

We don’t mean any intensive leotard-ing aerobics like this energized duo, but merely, get up and out of your chair throughout the day to stimulate brain function.

6. Go Get Some Sunlight

Sunlight excites serotonin in the brain — hello happiness! If you can’t find the sun, buy a sun lamp.

7. S-L-E-E-P

Get in your ZzZzZzZ’s and you will be pleased. Good sleep changes your life.

 8. Make a New Year's Resolution

Setting a new goal, perhaps reading every evening, will give you motivation in life and help get your groove back.