It's the little spice that could. It was the delicacy of kings, helped determine global domination and goes great with your french fries. 
Did you know that all salt is not created equal? There are different varieties of salt besides "that one that comes in a packet" or "the one at my mom's house" and we here at Vremi are going to break down just a few of the different types of salt.
Let's get salty.

1. Flake Salt

This type of salt is characterized by their soft, pyramid-like shapes. This salt is no flake in bringing the flavor and is best used by grabbing a pinch and using it over vegetables or shellfish. 

2. Iodized Salt

The OG and the one that's probably on your kitchen table right now. Iodized salt is standard table salt mixed small amounts of iodine. This is important since an iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid problems,  goiters and other bad times. It's incredibly versatile and will an extra kick to any recipe.  

3. Himalayan Pink Salt

The most grammable of the salts. FUN FACT: This salt gets its pink color from trace amounts of iron oxide aka rust. It also boasts small amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and has lower amounts of sodium than standard salt.

In terms of flavor, it's not much different than regular salt but this is a great salt to use when you're making a meal for the 'gram.

4. Kosher Salt 

This salt is deemed "Kosher" since it is used in the Jewish religion.

By Jewish law, blood must be extracted from meat before it's eaten and kosher salt's structure is efficient at extracting said blood which is why kosher salt is well kosher salt. It also makes it a great salt to spread on top of your food and giving it a different texture with a kick of flavor. 

5. Salt Bae 

Enough said.

 This was just a primer into the World of salt but as you can see, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.