Despite this heat, summer is almost over. Slowly, but surely we head to Fall and that means it’s time to go BACK. TO. SCHOOL.

For some of you, this means the beginning of your freshman year of college. As you head into your new dorm room or college adjacent apartment, it’s important to avoid two key mistakes.

1. Don’t schedule any 7 am classes

You’re gonna tell yourself “Hey, this will ensure that I’m responsible and I will get my day started on the right foot!” Well, this is a lie. You will start strong and then become much too  acquainted with the snooze button as well as asking your deskmates for the missed notes from your “sick day.” Just save yourself the hassle and schedule classes past 10 am.


2. Not being prepared with the right items

You can only ask your roommate to borrow their belongings that many times before you start to annoy them. Once you’ve overstepped your boundary, that’s when the passive-aggressive post-it notes come out.

You don’t want that and we at Vremi, don’t want that for you. So we came up with a list of five Vremi goods that will be on your go-to checklist for your first year and beyond:

The Pick-Up Artist Single Cup Coffee Maker

If you do end up taking that 7 am class, this coffee maker is essential. Actually, considering college life in general, this coffee maker is a must-have. It makes one cup of coffee that pours into its own portable mug to grab and go as you run to class.

The Sock Monster Laundry Basket

Now that you’re in college, here is an indisputable fact: you gotta start doing laundry. It’s better than you think, but a versatile laundry basket is essential. This basket is portable, collapsible, and has no problem in getting its freshman 15 with laundry.


Pop! 2-Slice Toaster

Cooking options in a dorm room can be limited. But really, when you can make toast and pop tarts, what else do you need? This toaster gets the job done and if you want to impress your roommates or new friends, add in our Senor Smash Avocado Tool to make everyone’s favorite snack—midnight mash avocado toast.


Ice Cube and Dr. Tray Set

Mini fridges can only hold so much. You got enough room for the essentials; some milk, some water, maybe a candy bar, and a six-pack of...soda. You gotta make the most of the space you have and this set is an extra cool addition to your freshman year freezer.


The Collapsibles 4 Piece Container Set

Leftovers are a big part of collegiate life. There’s food out there to be had and this set is here to make sure you make the most of it. They are airtight, leak-proof, and collapse to ⅓ their size—bring them into your dining hall with low-key suspicion.

And there you have it, your freshman year is gonna be a ride of learning, meeting people, good times, and grub. These products won’t solve all your first-year issues but they’ll make the transition that much easier.