The Big Apple Peeler


Yo. You thinkin' bout peeling your own apple?! Fugetaboutit! Let me do the work. I can peel, slice and core in a New York minute.
The Vremi Big Apple Peeler makes peeling, coring and slicing apples super easy—whether it’s for one dish or for feeding a city of people—at the turn of a handle. With its heavy duty, durable cast iron body and vacuum suction base, it gives you peeling, slicing and spiralizing power you can always count on.

Vremi Big Apple Peeler Details
  • Size: 13L x 4W x 5.5H inches
  • Cast iron body with stainless steel blades
  • Handwashing recommended for stainless steel parts; wipe body with damp cloth to clean
  • Flip lever to secure suction base of peeler machine to countertop
  • Attach apple or potato to peeler machine using peeler prongs
  • Crank lever handle to advance fruit or vegetable forward towards peeler blade, corer and slicer
  • Remove fruit or vegetable core from peeler prongs when finished

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