Tipsy Tools Bartending Kit


I’ve got everything you need to craft the perfect cocktail, or two, or three. After a few drinks, it’s easy to get me into the dishwasher for a spin cycle. Last call? Never heard of it.

The best thing about being your own bartender? There’s no such thing as last call, and it’s always 5 o’clock. This 5 piece barware tool kit has all the functionality of a standard martini shaker set with the addition of ice tongs, a drink stirrer spoon and a dual capacity jigger — everything you need to blend premium cocktails like a total professional. Tip yourself and top off your liquor cabinet with the Vremi Tipsy Tools Bartending Kit, and have mixed drinks about feelings anytime. Hiccup.

Tipsy Tools Bartending Kit Product Details
Each 5 piece barware set includes:

  • 25 oz Cocktail Shaker - 8.5” H x 3.4” Top Dia.
  • Cocktail Strainer - 6.7” L x 3.5” W
  • Drink Stirrer - 7.2” L x 1” W
  • Ice Tongs - 6.3” L x 1” W
  • 1 oz / 1.5 oz Dual Capacity Jigger - 2.75” H x 1.6” Top Dia. x 1.3” Bottom Dia.
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe


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