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Vremi Sharp As A Knife Set
Professional 10 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with 5 Colorful Knives and Matching Protective Blade Covers
Perfect for professional and beginner chefs alike, the Vremi 10 piece chef knife set is a collection of the most useful cooking and carving knives ever. With high-quality blades in bright Vremi colors, you’ll love it for slicing, dicing, chopping, crushing and more!

Sharp As A Knife Set Includes:
1 8 inch red chef’s knife
1 8 inch blue serrated bread knife
1 8 inch purple carving knife
1 5 inch yellow utility knife
1 3.5 inch orange paring knife
5 matching protective blade covers

Hand Wash Only
To clean, hand wash knives in warm water with a mild detergent, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Blades
The colorful Vremi knife set features precision blades forged from professional-quality stainless steel for long-lasting sharpness and cutting performance. Keep colored knives protected with their matching blade covers, and store in kitchen drawers for clutter-free countertop.

Weighted for Comfort and Control
These knives are in the Goldilocks weight class: Heavy enough to slice cleanly without slipping, and light enough to hold for long periods of prep time.

Useful for Every Kitchen Activity
The all-purpose chef’s knife features a curved blade and a wide surface for easily scooping up and transporting diced veggies or minced herbs from cutting board to stovetop. The serrated knife effectively slices bread loaves, tomato, lettuce, and fruits with soft surfaces, like peaches or plums. The carving knife gives you the control for razor-thin slices of prime rib or pork tenderloin. And the smaller paring and utility knives make quick work of more intricate food prep tasks, like slicing an avocado or sculpting a beautiful garnish. Whatever you’re cooking, Vremi has you covered.

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