Totally Sauced Spoon Rest


I'll admit - I enjoy the sauce. Some might say too much but I say what's too much? I mean, I'm made of ceramic and have a silicone base, so I can handle my sauce.

Marinara, vodka, or even gravy (if it’s that kind of night), the Vremi Totally Sauced Spoon Rest loves the sauce. Sometimes a bit too much. BURP.

With its stylish white porcelain ceramic body, wide angles to fit any cooking utensil and its sturdy non slip silicone base, you can’t blame it for being a lil’ saucy.

Vremi Totally Sauced Spoon Rest Details

  • Size: 9.25 x 3.5 x 1 inches
  • White ceramic porcelain body
  • Removeable black silicone base
  • Handwashing recommended

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