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Wine O’Clock Kit


We were designed for winos by winos, so we know what it takes to keep you happy. So pop, pour, and savor your wine to your heart’s content, for you are covered.


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Meet the Vremi Wine O’Clock Kit. Designed for and by winos, this wine lovers gift set contains all the essential tools for enjoying every pour decision to the fullest. Because wine isn’t just the nectar of gods—it’s a lifestyle. Now go carpe that vinum!

Wine O’Clock Kit includes:

1 Electric Wine Opener
1 Charging Base
1 Power Adaptor
1 Wine Bottle Foil Cutter
1 Drip Ring Collar
1 Aerating Wine Pourer
1 Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver
2 Airtight Wine Stoppers

Electric Wine Opener & Foil Cutter

  • Charge Opener for ~10 hours before operating
  • Remove foil from wine bottle with Foil Cutter
  • Place Opener on top of bottle in upright position
  • Press and hold lower silver button to remove cork
  • When Opener stops turning, lift away from bottle, then press and hold upper silver button to release cork
  • Opens ~30 bottles on single charge
  • Made for standard wine corks
  • To clean, unplug from outlet and wipe with damp cloth; never submerge in water
Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver & Stoppers
  • Insert airtight Stopper into neck of wine bottle, then place Preserver on Stopper and pump up/down to vacuum seal
  • When you feel resistance, stop pumping and remove Preserver from Stopper
  • Swivel ring on Stopper to current date
  • To remove Stopper, press pin to release pressure, then firmly hold bottle and pull out
  • Enjoy wine for an additional 7-10 days

For full care instructions and safety warnings, always refer to product box and manual.


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  • 1 year warranty, just in case any shenanigans arise.
  • If you experience any issues (or difference of opinions) with your purchase after receiving it, please contact to arrange a replacement or a refund. We’ve got your back!

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