Keepin' It Fresh Wine Preserver


I won’t let a little oxygen spoil this party. I know how to take out the the air and keep your leftover vino so fresh. Your last glass should always taste as good as the first.

Don’t let oxygen get in the way of your wine party. Use Vremi’s Keepin’ It Fresh Wine Preserver Set to extract all the air from your open bottle and extend the lifespan of your leftover vino, so your last glass tastes just as good as the first. No more crying over spoiled wine!

Keepin’ It Fresh Wine Preserver Kit includes:

1 Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver (5.5 in x 1.8 in)
4 Airtight Rubber Bottle Stoppers with Date Markers

How to Vacuum Pump and Preserve Wine

  • Insert Airtight Stopper into neck of wine bottle until firmly in place
  • Place Preserver Pump over Stopper
  • Pump up and down to vacuum seal
  • Stop when you feel resistance
  • Swivel silver ring of Stopper so Date Marker lines up with triangle to track freshness
  • Important: Date Marker will not rotate until after air is pumped out and Stopper is sealed
  • Wine stays fresh for 7-10 days longer after preserving
  • When ready for more wine, press pin on Stopper top to release pressure
  • Firmly hold wine bottle while removing Stopper
  • Pour yourself a big one!

For full care instructions and safety warnings, always refer to Vremi product box and manual.


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