The Sock Monster Laundry Basket


I’m not picky. Load me up with all your tasty socks and non-sock related laundry as well. Once I’ve feasted, just collapse me flat and tuck me back into my cave (aka closet or under the bed).

ROAR! The Vremi Sock Monster Laundry Basket is loose!
Great news for you; terrible news for any socks or clothing that like to hide under the bed, or in random areas or parallel universes.
Large, collapsible, and tough to destroy, this laundry basket’s ideal environment is any kids room or college dorm. Bring one home today.

Vremi Sock Monster Laundry Basket Details

  • Expanded size: 25 x 18 x 10.5 inches
  • Collapsed size: 25 x 18 x 3 inches
  • Capacity: Up to 40 liters
  • BPA free plastic body
  • Ergonomic silicone handles
  • Decorative two-tone design
  • Doubles as storage container or organizer bin
  • Best for medium to large sized laundry loads

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