From Feast Mode to Beast Mode: 10 Classic Inspirational Jams To Get Your 2018 Mojo Cookin’

You’ve made your 2018 resolutions. You’re pumped to achieve your goals. Now don’t forget to take time to fuel yourself with the right food in the kitchen.
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Mocktails For A Dry January

The holiday season is over. Time with loved ones was spent, gifts were given, parties were had and many, many libations were consumed. Now we are left with the hangover that is January. But, New...

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Semi Comfort, Semi Cozy, Semi Conscious
(Health-Conscious, That Is!)

Ain’t nobody got Thai for that! Well news flash, you’re about to make some Thai for this.
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Salt!  It's the little spice that could. It was the delicacy of kings, helped determine global domination and goes great with your french fries.  Did you know that all salt is not created equal? There are...

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It’s the “January Slump" — This is Not a Drill!

Vremi is rigged and ready to help you rediscover your 2018 finer than ever out-of-the-slump self.
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Secret Santa Help!

Secret Santa could be a tricky time of year. Let us at Vremi help!
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Holiday Hack Shack

3 Holiday Hacks To Get The Food Snowball Rolling
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‘Tis the Seasoning For Old School Jams

Get Your Holiday Grub On With These 6 Holiday Classics 
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Hangover Helpers!

Need help to alleviate your hangover? You've come to the right place!
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9 Boozy Cocktails To Get Holidazed and Confused!

Drink up, stay warm, and always remember, the holidays are better with booze.
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This is the Wheel Deal!

A whole new way to experience carbohydrate consumption.
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