How To Survive Summer Heat And Not Go Crazy (Or Bankrupt)

By Małgorzata Węglarz

It’s summertime again! How fun! Traveling, sightseeing, beach, sand and ice-cream! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But if your vacation is still far away, or you’re stuck at home, we are pretty sure that you may be suffering from the heat waves we are all experiencing now. And we don’t know about you, but personally the only ice in our reach is “I-scream” from all the humidity and hellish temperatures.


How can you deal with it? One of the best ways of helping your body to cool down is to drink water, especially at room temperature. We know that you’d rather reach for that frosty bottle of sparkles, but unfortunately sweet, fizzy pops are of no help here. Glass of water is life. To make it all the more fancy, you can put blueberries, lemon, and even some frozen grapes into your glass of water.

Water will be very helpful, not only as a drink. Take a dip in a pool, sit back and relax. Just remember to put a hat on your head, some sunscreen on your body, and a pina colada in your hand. Alcoholic beverages are not the best idea during a hot day but oh, “oh, those summer nights!”

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Chill Out

But let’s say that you don’t have a pool in reach, and need some cooling down during your working hours… Air conditioning is of course the first thing that comes to your mind. But the installation might be too expensive or may take too long. Well, don’t forget that you can get a portable AC that is way cheaper and works immediately! Some of those even have the option to keep you warm at night, if you happen to live in a more desert or mountainous surrounding. The best thing about such a device is the fact that you won’t spend much and you can transfer it from one room to another. It is a cool(ing) and quiet solution for all types of spaces.

Do you know what is also your worst enemy during summer? Humidity. It makes you feel sticky, makes your hair frizzy, and takes your breath away literally). All you need in that situation is a good dehumidifier. Not only will it help you with that house moisture but will also help you to cool down. That is a win-win!

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Don't Forget, It's Ruff For Them Too

Remember that during a hot day you are not the only person who feels worse. Pets and animals have it rough too! If you need to go for a walk with your dog, do it early in the morning or late in the evening. You don’t want those cute paws to get burned! Leave some water in a bowl outside your door for strays, wild animals or bees. They need water too!

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