Stop! Garden Time!

By Małgorzata Węglarz

Stop! Garden Time!

Spring is finally here and if you haven’t had a chance to tidy up your garden, don’t worry. We’re right there with you. Here are some tips and tricks on how to bring your little oasis back to its blossomed glory.

Just Tool Me What To Do!

The most important thing to do is to clean your garden tools. Seems obvious, but a lot of people miss this step. Take your little helpers, wipe it down, remove the rust. If you start a season with dirty tools you may accidentally harm your plants by spreading fungus or even worse, insects. It is also a good idea to sharpen the edges of trowell, shovels and hammers.

Everything clean and sharp? Great, now let us move to the shed. Get rid of all the garbage, and stock up on new supplies. Make sure to have fertilizer, some plant support and soil amendments on hand.

Get The Most From Compost!

If you haven’t done so already, consider establishing a compost system. It will help you cut your costs! Make your own compost from kitchen scraps, trimming plants or any other organic matter. You will get your homemade fertilizer, which would be the best and healthiest option for your garden. Psst... we got something for you
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And last but not least, do a cleaning of your green island. Remove weeds, debris, all that dead organic matter, so you can go back to the bare soil (if you didn’t clean after your dog during wintertime, well… maybe getting that compost bin is, in fact, a good option?). Scan the ground, are there any weeds that might still be alive? Remove and burn them, you can also place them in the middle of a compost pile where the heat will kill it before any seeds can germinate.

Make It Blossom!

It may take some time, but at the end the results of your work will be worth it. Who doesn’t love enjoying Sunday barbeque, surrounded by greens and flowers? And don’t let us start on listing benefits from working outside: fresh air, activity, peace and quiet, just you and nature. So what are you waiting for? Make it blossom! Don't forget to share it with us!    Good luck!

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