Vremi Is Going Back To School

By Małgorzata Weglarz

Vremi Is Going Back To School

Autumn is just around the corner and everyone is heading back to school. As a parent or guardian, you are probably already counting down the days until your little ones are on a schedule again. Or is that just us? As working adults, we might cheer a bit louder than intended about this, but it doesn’t mean we avoid the real issues at hand. The move back to school (Yes, we are looking at you uni students) can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you think about how those two months of vacation won’t last forever.

Here are a few ways to make that first, fragile month back to school a little bit easier on your teen and college kids. .

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Chill Out

Beginnings – even events we look forward to – can be stressful. It’s especially hard when something looms over you, like anticipating that math teacher everyone talks about, but not in a good way. Give yourself a break and realize that if the people in the class ahead of you made it through this dreaded class, you can, too! If you’re not into visualization, reach for some fresh ice cubes and bring on the chill. When the going gets rough, the tough get chocolate!

Our Icy Escape Recipe

  1. Put a transparent cup or glass in the freezer for a bit to make it icy.
  2. Fill your glass with as many ice cubes as you have classes this semester (Yes, you need to count).
  3. Fill with chocolate milk and/or iced coffee – your preference.
  4. If you’re into them, add a stainless steel straw, because those paper ones never last!
  5. Close your eyes, then sip a crisp dip into an icy pool of yum.

Food For Thought

On days when you need a lot of energy what is better than a home cooked meal? If you’re lucky to have a mom who makes extra pasta, take it with you (Yes, please!). If your family sends you home with clean clothes and a few leftovers, enjoy it while you can. Even as an undergrad or graduate student, you’ll need food containers for midnight snacks, leftovers, and long study nights in your friend’s dorm room.

Remember to take the other half of that big restaurant meal in a reusable food container to help your budget and the environment with less waste. Having a few non-stick silicone food containers around will also help you save by not having to buy plastic wrap or plastic sandwich bags anymore.

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Prepare Your Space

Finding a place to study where you aren’t bombarded by dust, smells, and pet hair can be tough. You can always hole up in your room and sit on your bed or the floor (no judging here) to do homework. A quiet, tidy setting is helpful. Recent studies show that air quality can play a part in helping you focus. To make sure your room is well-ventilated, ensure good air quality with a nice air purifier. Some even have quiet settings so you can run them during that power nap you need to gather energy for your next adventure.

School may seem like the difficult years of your life, but it is also a time to make new friends, learn new skills, and dream in your downtime. Where will life take you on this next spin around the sun?

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