We love us some bacon around here. The number of words we could use to describe our love of it would make this blog post several hundred pages long. But it can be surmised in TLDR form by this video.

So yeah, we really like bacon. But there are many many different types of amazing bacon around the world and we’ll break down just a coupleof many options available.

1. American Style Bacon

The O.G., the crispy standard, if you look up “Bacon” in the dictionary (or your dreams) this, is what you will see. Cut from the pork belly, this type of bacon features an iconic streaky mix of fat and meat. Perfect for sizzling on our Sizzlesauras Grill Pan

Uses: The crispy nature of this bacon makes it perfect for chopping into tiny bits of bacon goodness. Sprinkle it in soups, salads, stews or pop em straight into your mouth like tic-tacs from heaven.

2. Canadian Bacon


Get ready to have your mind blown: Canadian Bacon is a U.S. exclusive term for back bacon. Crazy right?

Cut from the behind the center of the pig’s back, Canadian Bacon is usually sold already cooked and with less fat and fewer calories than it’s contemporary to the south and is similar to ham in appearance.

Uses: Canadian Bacon is great on pizza and makes for a phenomenal foundation for eggs benedicts.

3. Pancetta


Bacon’s more sophisticated and worldly Italian cousin, pancetta is cut from pork belly and cured with salt and is often seasoned with numerous spices, giving it a distinctive spicy flavor.

Uses: Due to its origin and spicy flavor, pancetta is a popular topping for pasta dishes as well as sandwiches.

4. Coconut Bacon

You can enjoy that irresistible bacon-ish flavor and crispiness, without the meat. Coconut flakes are a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional bacon products. It’s also super easy to make and a 30-minute recipe can be found here.

Uses: Can be used a bacon substitute in sandwiches, soups, breakfast entrees, basically anything you want to bless with the taste of bacon.

5. Kevin Bacon

Star of Footloose and tons of other roles as “Oh hey, I didn’t know Kevin Bacon was in this!”. Your favorite actor/actress is connected to him by at least 6 degrees.

Uses: Many of his films are perfect hangover watching material. So plop on the couch, boot up your Netflix and let Kevin Bacon charm your hangover away.

This just scratches the surface of the wonders of bacon but we hope that this will make you a more informed baconnoisseur. Now let’s get bacon!